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Personal Accounting & Tax Preparation for Kelowna Businesses

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Personal tax preparation is a very broad field which introduces opportunities for tax savings and rules for the treatment of certain items. The way your personal taxes are prepared changes drastically depending on your personal situation. This is why having your personal taxes prepared by a qualified professional is worth the peace of mind to know that your tax return is prepared by a knowledgeable professional, and incorporates all possible tax efficiencies. We also strive to provide excellent value by offering a professional service at a reasonable fee that is competitive with tax return services prepared by preparers without an accounting designation.

Professional personal tax preparation begins at $120 for a basic tax return and $300 for a personal business tax return. This service includes one-on-one consultation with a professional accountant regarding your return to answer any questions you may have about the return being prepared or future tax planning.

Our professional personal tax preparation services include:

Personal tax return preparation including all required supplementary schedules.

Unincorporated business tax return preparation for all types of businesses including:

  • In-home daycares
  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Farms

Tax planning is a consideration regardless of your current situation. Some examples include:

  • Maximizing certain expenses for deductions, for example, childcare expenses.
  • Planning a tax strategy for your future financial plans.
  • The decision of whether to incorporate your unincorporated business.
  • Integration of personal tax planning with your corporation(s) in order to minimize both corporate and personal tax.
  • Being able to take advantage of certain exemptions such as the principal residence exemption or the lifetime capital gains exemption.
  • Deciding on what expenses qualify as a tax deduction in an unincorporated business.
  • Method of acquiring and disposing of assets such as investments or real estate.

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