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Financial Consultation for Kelowna Individuals

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At Michael Dudenhoeffer, CA we believe in providing our clients with continual access to sound professional advice from a Chartered Accountant at any time during the year at an affordable rate. This allows you to have qualified professional consulting at your disposal for any tax or financial situation that may arise, or for any matter for which you may want advice on without the prohibitive cost of retaining a professional from a larger accounting firm. This includes any tax planning strategies for the present or future, dealing with tax authorities, or creating internal financial information for distribution to stakeholders of your business.

Our professional consulting service includes items such as:

  • Tax Planning for individuals
  • Tax Planning for corporations
  • Tax Planning for synergies between individuals and corporations
  • Applications for various tax accounts and tax rebates
  • Assistance with the purchase or sale of a business
  • Assistance with reassessments or audits by Canada Revenue Agency
  • Customized financial information for various stakeholders

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