young child with face covered in paint; highlighting the Canada Child Benefit offerings

Can You Make Use of the Canada Child Benefit?

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The Canada Child Benefit was brought in by the Liberal government in 2016. It’s a replacement for the suite of Conservative childcare benefits, which the Liberal government felt benefited wealthier families unduly, due in part to their focus on income…

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piggy bank with coins, alluding to a tax free savings account

Benefits of a Tax Free Savings Account

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Tax-Free Savings Accounts, or TFSAs, are a fairly recent addition to the Canadian tax ecosystem. First made available to Canadians in 2008, the TFSA is a way for the average citizen to protect a portion of their savings from income…

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man with pen and paper writing; highlighting tax breaks for small businesses

Tax Breaks for Small Businesses

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Small businesses often operate with tight margins as they grow and hire more staff. Every dollar that you aren’t spending on tax allows you to grow your business a little more. In the end, fostering small business growth is a…

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Pensive woman in black hat overlooking water at the beach on a gray day; highlighting corporation loans

Intercompany Loans and the CRA

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If an individual owns multiple corporations, he or she will commonly transfer money from one corporation to the other. If one business makes more money, then it will loan funds to another corporation that could use the money. Intercompany loans…

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